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Author Topic: CottonPatch Rag  (Read 1316 times)

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CottonPatch Rag
« on: Nov 16, 2004, 10:02:05 PM »
Ue2f2^f2|"C"(ge)ae (ge)cd|(ea)ge (dc)AG|"F"(FE)FG (AG)FA|
(dcA)(d cA)FD|"G"(G^F)GA (BA)B(c|d^c)d(e g2) V(g2|
gb)ge (dc)Bd|"C"(cBcd (ef)e^f|(g^f)ga (ge)cd|

(ea)ge (dc)AG|"F"(FE)FG (AG)FA|(dcA)(D cA)FA|
"G"(G^F)GA (BA)B(c|d^cd(e g2)(g2|gb)ge (dc)Bd|"C"(cB)cd c4|
|:(G,C)(EC) (G,C)(EC)|(G,C)(EC) (FE)(DC)|"F"(A,C)(FC) (A,C)(FC)|
(A,C)(FC) (GF)(ED)|"G"(G,B,)(DB,) (G,B,)(DB,)|(DE)(DB, G,2)(c2|
ce)cA (GFE(G|1"C"FE)D(F ED)CA,:|2"C"FE)D(B, C2) ((3G,A,B,|
|CB,)CD (EG)A(B|cAG(c AG)ED|"F"(FE)FG (Ad)c(A|dc)A(d c2) D^F|
"G"(G^F)GA (Bd)e^f|(gb)ge (dg)ed|(Bd)cB (AG)EG)|"C"(cd)cB (AG)ED|
|CB,)CD (EG)A(B|cAG(c AG)ED|"F"(FE)FG (Ad)c(A|dc)A(d c2) ((3DE^F|
"G"G^F)GA (Bd)e^f|(gb)ge (dg)ed|(Bd)cB (cB)A(G|"C" EG)A(dc4)|!
|:[e4a4][e4c'4]|([ea][ec'])([e/2a/2][e/2c'/2] [e2a2][A2e2])|"F"[A4d4][A4f4]|([ad][A2f2])([A/2d/2][A/2f/2] [A2d2][D2A2])|

"G"((3G,DBg2) g2(g2|gb)ge d2gb|(gedg (ed)Bd|1"C"(cG)EC (G,C)EG:||2"C"[c2e2][c4e4](^D2||
EG)(Ac A)(GEG)|(ACA)(G EG)(AG|"F7"_EG)(AC A)(GEG)|(ACA)(G _EG)(AG|
"G7"DF)(AC A)(FDF)|(ABA)(F DF)AF|[E2B2][E2B2] D(CA,G,)|"C"(CB,)CD (EG)ED|
EG)(Ac A)(GEG)|(ACA)(G EG)AG|"F"(FG)c(d cA)Gc|AGE(G FE)DC|
"G"((3G,A,B,(3DEF)((3ABc(3efg)|ag)ea (ge)dg|ed(Bd) (cB)A(G|"C"EG)A(d c2)((3eab|
c'e)be (ae)ge|(ga)ge (de)dA|"F"(fA)eA (dA)cA|(cd)cA F4|
"G"(G^F)GA (BA)Bc|(d^c)de g2(g2|gb)ge (dc)Bd|"C"(cd)ef g2((3eab|
(3c'd'c')ec' ((3bc'b)eb|((3aba)ea ((3gag)eg|"F"((3fgf)Ae ((3efe)Ae|((3ded)Ad ((3cdc)A^F|
"G"(G^F)GA (BA)Bc|(d^c)de g2(g2|gb)ge (dc)Bd|"C"c2z2V[e4c4]||


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