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Author Topic: Old Greasy Coat...  (Read 10629 times)

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Re: Old Greasy Coat...
« Reply #25 on: Nov 22, 2004, 07:41:02 PM »

I'm working on this tune, and I've tried it both in cross-tuned and in standard tuning. I play it in standard tuning mostly, because I am too lazy to twist the twisters to change the tune and then back to play regular stuff. It sounds better with the many open strings you get with de-tuning - I think it's preferable to play it that way, easier too, not so much fingering.

Playing this song in standard tuning works too, but it gives it a more 'pent up' tight string sound you get with so many 'fingered' notes.

Thanks for mentioning this, I really think I shouldn't be so lazy about de-tuning and make it more of my 'requirement' to play certain songs in their best tuning fashion only, and forget being lazy.




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