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Author Topic: Selling CDs and tune books  (Read 3762 times)

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Selling CDs and tune books
« on: Mar 21, 2019, 01:52:45 AM »
I have a stack of CDs I have purchased from street performers, guests to fiddle club meetings, workshops, etc.  And a few books of tunes, also purchased at live performance venues.

Now, I don't make and sell CDs, and I don't commercially print books of my tunes.  I would, if the volume of sales warranted the investment, work and bookkeeping, but it doesn't.

I do know two people who have several boxes of unsold CDs that are now a decade old.

And one of my most recent purchases at a workshop turned out to be recorded a decade earlier, and did not reflect the playing of much of the music unstitched in the workshop (except for one piece, an outstanding duet, that I would guess was exactly the same today as it was ten years ago!!).  (Not complaining, but it tells us something else, doesn't it.)

All that said, if you want one of my arrangements, I will give it to you. I want my musical efforts played, and that is more important to me than earning a few dollars from it.

Over 1000 copies of my Weaver MacFarlane Choon Book were downloaded within nine months, and I have stopped watching the statistics.

Around me are people who write fiddle tunes and sell these in books ($30.00) ... three copies a year.  Seriously.

Do you sell CDs, or books of your original fiddle tunes?

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Re: Selling CDs and tune books
« Reply #1 on: Mar 21, 2019, 02:02:43 PM »
No issue with the text,, but this has to go in the Bargain Bucket Classifieds.

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