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Author Topic: Amp Reviews  (Read 16554 times)

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Amp Reviews
« on: Jul 06, 2004, 08:42:33 PM »
Still a works in progress
Bass Amps for Electric Violin:
Generally these are to be avoided after all consider the difference in spectrum between a Violin and a Bass Guitar or Double Bass. Still some models could be used. I would imagine that some of the lower end models aren't all that optomized for the Bass and are more like general pupose amps.

Acoustic Guitar Amps for Electric Violin:
These can vary from exceptional to unacceptable for use with a Violin. Some of the complaints are that they are mid range frequency optomized and lack the highs for use with an Electric Violin.

PA/Hi Fi Amps for Electric Violin:
Likely the best choice for Electric Violin Amplification some have extended ranges and can very easily used for Electric Guitars & Bass Guitars too. Again these will vary depending on the intended usage some are optomized for high or low frequency uasage.

Testing and purchase advice:
Honestly one should try these out live or better yet try one that belongs to someone you know. Price: Well there is an old addage 'You get what you pay for' and this is mostly true but, there are deals out there. Secondhand can be a good route to take but, has it's pitfalls too.

Violin Frequency Range:
Specifications & chart

Price Ranges: (what to expect for your expenditure)



Bridge Instrument Amplifiers

Peavey Ecoustic 112

Yorkville Powered Speakers

Fishman Amplifiers

Fender Acoustisonic

Johnson 15 Watt

Marshall Acoustic

SWR Acoustic 'Strawberry Blonde'


Disclaimer: I feel it necessary to say a few words concerning reviews. When I do one I try to avoid repeating advertising copy and even injecting an opinion regarding whether a product is the best or the worst. I try and encourage others to just describe the attributes of the product being reviewed though other sentiments could find there way in to a review. Ultimately everyone must make there own decisions concerning whether a product is to be considered worthy as an expenditure to themselves. We must let our own ears and musical tastes guide us in decisions regarding any audio product. I have used other peoples opinions and the technical descriptions as a guide to whether I would consider a product or not. If someones review of a product does not clarify an issue that concerns a product then it is up to you to ask your question and if necessary use your own ears to base your own choices on.
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