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Author Topic: Impulse Response: the bare naked proof!  (Read 6074 times)

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Re: Impulse Response: the bare naked proof!
« Reply #25 on: Aug 15, 2020, 07:56:04 PM »
EchoLoK8R, any chance you could re-post your 503 Mix IR? 

I'm late to this thread, and new to Impulse Responses.  I basically like the Langhof IR (of the 4 on pcfarina), but it could use some tweaking.  I'm trying out the 3Sigma IRs (French & Italian), but from what I gather on another post (BurningYen's poll of which IR sounds best), it sounds like yours is much favored over 3Sigma.  I'd love to try it, but apparently the file is gone from your Dropbox link.  Otherwise I'll try to tweak the Langhof with the notches you mentioned.
Thanks in advance!


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