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Author Topic: Need help adjusting the bridge on a new NS CR5 Cello  (Read 3679 times)

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Need help adjusting the bridge on a new NS CR5 Cello
« on: Oct 24, 2019, 02:31:09 AM »
I recently acquired an NS CR5 electric cello - and accidentally bumped the bridge hard enough to move it a bit.
So - obviously it needs to be readjusted. However I have never adjusted a bridge before, much less on an NS.
Are there any tips/pointers out there for anyone looking to do this at home? It shouldn't be terribly difficult
I don't expect - but I'd like to do it right.
I can't seem to find any NS specific videos on bridge adjustment - so I thought I'd ask here.


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Re: Need help adjusting the bridge on a new NS CR5 Cello
« Reply #1 on: Jan 31, 2020, 01:49:11 PM »
I'm not sure about NS, but adjusting the bridge should be fairly simple. My only concern would be that since the feet of the bridge are down in that slot, it might be a bit tricky to move it under full string tension. You may find it easier to move it after you've loosened the strings a bit. Be gentle but firm, move it slowly.

Things to aim for:
  • Bridge is centered on the instrument. Check the strings, especially at the end of the neck (nearest the bridge) to make sure they are centered on the neck.
  • Bridge angle is correct. The side of the bridge closest to the tailpiece should be vertical, with the side closer to the neck at a slight angle.
  • Scale length is correct. Use a ruler to measure along the 2 outer-most strings from nut to bridge. This is the scale length. For fretted instruments, you'd adjust the bridge until both the open string and the 12th fret (octave up from open string) are in tune. For fretless instruments, you want to just make sure it's where you expect it so you can stay in tune. I make sure the scale length is the same on all my violins so I can swap between them without having to adjust my intonation.

Let us know how it goes, and especially if you learn anything particular about the NS instrument.


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