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Author Topic: Bow, old or worth anything?  (Read 978 times)

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Bow, old or worth anything?
« on: May 29, 2014, 02:49:44 AM »
Of the violins I gathered up lately all the bows need maintenance and hair.
 So I gathered up the parts, made a nice black walnut bow vise and decided to tackle it.
     I started with one that looked to be the worst of the lot but different looking.
 The wood appears to be pernambuco  but will little black marks all along the shaft. looks like small zig zags that may have been burnt into the wood, branded that way or colored that way. Never saw one like it.
  When I took the hair from the tip I noticed the tip cover was metal. and not broken like some of my plastic looking ones were.
     Once I got the hair removed from that end I had to break the slide  to get the hair uncovered. ( it chipped and broke very easily)
It had grown to the wood over the years, and  was a nice piece of Abalone heart.
   But once removed I found out the frog was real antique ivory. with an abalone eye and a red circle.
I just figured it was imitation Ivory and nothing more. it has one small chip along the upper edge  next to the bow.
  The reason I took it down was for the re-hair but the winding and grip were gone and I had bought some 28ga. sterling to wrap it with and I think I have a piece of goat skin somewhere.
   after polishing off the tarnish ion the silver I see are 3 initials scribed into the face of the tip and on the flat part of the ferrule  that looks like BAD ? but is done free hand and in script possible with a sharp scribe. The ferrule is sterling and hand made , as is the nut with ebony spacer.
   right now it is still in pieces until I have time to get a piece of abalone  or a suitable slide to match the eye.
 Will put my loupe on and look at the initials closer later.
  the silver tip was put on with 2 very small brass dowels that are under the hair.


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