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Author Topic: Chin Rest  (Read 1599 times)

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Chin Rest
« on: Apr 04, 2004, 07:51:46 PM »
I have a short, fat neck, which fits in well with my short, fat body. To top off this delightful picture, I have a long, fat beard which forms a cushion between my jaw-bone and the chin rest. Now, my beard has a low co-efficient of friction which means the fiddle tends to slip if I clamp down with my chin. A Dresden or Teka is just about OK but, any suggestions for a low chin rest with a deep cup or, should I Araldite it to the beard (which is still growing).

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Re:Chin Rest
« Reply #1 on: Apr 04, 2004, 08:28:04 PM »
I can't remember who but someone out there makes little pads to cover your chinrest with that may help I think they call em strad pads.  

look here


I used this on my viola seemed to be anti slip to some degree comfortable deep cup


haven't tried this but it looks cool and it might work the inventor of it used to post here


good luck
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Re:Chin Rest
« Reply #2 on: Apr 05, 2004, 02:15:32 PM »
I've seen some chinrests with a crosscut diamond pattern, which would increase the co-efficient of friction between beard and rest, reducing the buttered ferret syndrome.

Could it possibly be that you're holding the fiddle down at too low an angle? You don't really need to hold the fiddle with your chin much.

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Re:Chin Rest
« Reply #3 on: Apr 06, 2004, 04:33:43 AM »
Just glue an alligator clamp or two on the chin rest and clip the beard on when you're ready.  ;D

Seriously, one of the fiddlers I play with has a "belly button" long beard. He plays like some of the old time square dance players with the fiddle under his arm. I could never get used to that though.

I need a low chinrest. I like Dresden's the best but I've tried cheap plastic ones are even lower.

Hardware stores sell a liquid rubber that's made to dip tool handles into. When it dries it leaves a thin even coat. It comes in several colors including black. Why not get a cheap plastic chinrest and some of that dip? It sure would be a non-slip job!

Only problem is it's so anti slip that it might pull the hair on your beard! OUCH  :o


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