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Author Topic: Can a 70-year-old man learn the fiddle? Left-handed? Find out here!  (Read 1038 times)

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At the request of a few friends, I've written up my experiences with beginning the violin at the age of seventy. To make things more complicated, my violin is a left-handed one. Here's where you can find the essay:


I hope you enjoy it. And comments are, of course, not only welcome but solicited on bended knee.

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Welcome! Newbie here myself, and new to the violin as well. I'm also starting late (age 59). Enjoyed reading your blog post. Keep us apprised of your progress.

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As to 70 years old?

Certainly. There might be some issues with tendons being tight limiting a little mobility, but nothing that can't be worked through...

As to left handed? No. The side of Satan will never work out!!! ;D

Of course. Have fun, and welcome!

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