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Author Topic: Violin bows  (Read 9132 times)

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Re: Violin bows
« Reply #25 on: Jul 09, 2006, 07:33:35 PM »
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Re: Violin bows
« Reply #26 on: Jan 27, 2007, 05:46:26 PM »
Rather than hijack the thumb-leather thread, why not resurrect this one, Willie? OK, Bill, why not?

Over there in the leather grip thread Steve just mentioned Ipe bows. First I've heard of it... Wikipedia has this, and googling found this. It seems the species a sinker, strong and weather-resistant enough to be used in the Atlantic City boardwalk, they say. I can see it now, swarms of bow makers swirling into New Jersey to pry up a lifetime supply of seasoned stock while no one's looking...

Somewhere I saw it is claimed to be a sustainable species, but the wikipedia article (written by volunteers, even though the group wiki-mind strives to remain unbiased) leans pretty heavily on the illegal logging in Brazil.

Any thoughts? Anybody tried it?

edit: It appears that the political content of the wikipedia article on Tabebuia has been much reduced this evening.

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Re: Violin bows
« Reply #27 on: Jan 27, 2007, 07:59:20 PM »
I just tried it.  Several bows.  All very nice.  Apparently relatively little of the ipe is sufficiently strong cross-grain to allow the heads to work. 

The logging part I don't know about.  Their business, down in Brazil.  If they want to export stuff, then they can.

I suspect the impact of bowmaking is nil.  Importing wood for decks and so on is the real demand.


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