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Amplified Fiddles/Violins / Re: Bradivarius pickup
« Last post by Titch on Jun 30, 2020, 09:32:56 AM »
I actually did, it's actually the best of those I tried, but Bradivarius made me happier. It's also quite pricey and I have more than one violin....

I honestly believe that investing in a product that does the job is well worth any investment.
Just reading your following posts you may be spending a good deal of money and time chasing the same outcome?

For those, and I include myself, that enjoy the technical challenge that may still be a worthwhile pursuit, but for many buying "cheap" often means buying twice...or more. I have fitted hundreds of ISI transducer bridges over the years, all are still going strong and delivering excellent results at tens of thousands of gigs each year - except 2020 :-(

Live music here in the UK, as elsewhere, has been devastated. I can not see a safe return to gigging and festivals until there is either a vaccine or death defying treatment. I hope support is given to the arts, any loss will result in a direct loss to our individual humanity.

LR Baggs Soundscape might be available in the fall as mentioned on their internet platform.
Amplified Fiddles/Violins / Re: Bradivarius pickup
« Last post by onlyme on Jun 30, 2020, 09:02:18 AM »
I am writing to let the world know that the forum and members are still active (and alive). Update on the above mentioned LR Baggs fiddle pu. LR Baggs managed to built in their fiddle pu into the violin bridges which I sent them at the beginning of February. They are still in transit but landed and passed the customs here in Germany. Im awaiting a notification when they are going to arrive at my home daily. Nearly half a year later. Good things take time. Fortunately a few last minute gigs show up here in Germany but only open air.
Blues, Jazz, Rock and more / Re: Complexity with just three or four instruments
« Last post by graeme on Jun 30, 2020, 12:32:39 AM »
Jazz trio.

Watch out for the violin solo beginning about 4.15.

I've decided to pull this from sale right now.

It's become quite apparent that I've undervalued the violin by quite some margin, indeed there is a year's waiting list for a new one... so I need to reflect on this. I have to do what's best for me financially, and as a self employed person I'm struggling at the moment... hence selling the instrument in the first place.

If anyone IS interested in the instrument, would you please register your interest here - worldwide - and give a reflection on what you would be prepared to pay. It looks like fully insured postage to the USA is around 400 and that does not include any customs import fees..... I'm not sure if there is a way around those or not.
Mark Wood Viper - 6 string fretted electric violin with passive Barbera Twin Hybrid transducer pickup system, in a custom finish metallic speckled "madfiddler" purple colour - this was actually matched against the color of the beret I wore during those gigging days so is a one off colour.

For more information on the instrument, please look here - http://www.woodviolins.com/viper/

I've owned this instrument for what must be 18 years now, but I've only done a single gig with it back in 2003 as unfortunately I simply never found the time to learn how to play it properly - it does take a bit of time to get used to, which is a shame as it's the king of shred for us electric violinists. Because of the lack of playing, aside from some scratches to the arm of the chest support system from the metal chain, this is in mint showroom condition.

This comes with the additional hard case which retailed at $399, soft case $99, and a spare F string. The other strings will also need to be replaced due to their age.

I would recommend using this instrument with a pre-amp.

I'm selling this now as I simply need to downsize the amount of 'stuff' I own.

Condition is Used.

Dispatched by courier within 5 working days.

UK only.

No returns.

Blues, Jazz, Rock and more / Re: Blues, just one bluesman.
« Last post by graeme on Jun 21, 2020, 04:17:36 AM »
And this is pretty smooth too, I'm thinking.

Wassily Gerassimez.


Blues, Jazz, Rock and more / Blues, just one bluesman.
« Last post by graeme on Jun 21, 2020, 04:16:17 AM »
Ian Maksin plays Ain't No Sunshine


Now, he has been thoughtful, and spent a lot of time in the woodshed.
Blues, Jazz, Rock and more / Christopher Herrmann: cello jazz
« Last post by graeme on Jun 21, 2020, 04:08:44 AM »
And Christopher plays very nicely too.


One of the better collaborations with jazz guitar I have heard.  I'm sure.
Acoustic Strings / Re: Anyone buy from CapitalMusic2008 on EBay?
« Last post by Joe Gerardi on Jun 18, 2020, 10:59:32 PM »
Their fiddles remind me very much of what's offered from Infinite Strings.

Their feedback is 100% for almost 2300 sales. They gotta be pretty good because people love to complain. If anything were wrong people would be hammering them and screaming in the feedback notes.

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