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General Chit Chat, Styles and Music / Malian kora and cello
« Last post by graeme on Yesterday at 11:17:25 PM »
This is dazzling folk music, world music.


Hats off to these two gentlemen.
The music store had a 14% off deal for Valentines Day so I decided to purchase a Yamaha YEV. I played it though my Tone Dexter with the wave maps I made for my acoustic and it sounds great.
are you using this for special fx mostly?
Manufacture, Repair and Setup / Re: New Five-string fiddle on the way
« Last post by Chet Bishop on Feb 13, 2020, 06:17:29 AM »
Thanks, Titch! I will look into those E strings!

Meanwhile, the fiddle is complete:

The customer gave her enthusiastic blessing to my taking the fiddle to the Wintergrass festival next week, to exhibit with my other work, so that is where it is going next. She is coming this week to make sure she is the first one who gets to play it. :-)

If anyone else is going to attend Wintergrass, please stop by my booth and say hello.
Tons of players are using these live. 

And I plug straight into it.  Actually, I use a wireless.  Sounds fantastic.  I have a Barbera pickup and I have never toured with a preamp.

You can do ANYTHING with it.  You are pretty much only limited by your imagination and programming ability.

Jesus Florido, Rachel Grace, Chuck Bontrager, Ernesto Lago, Razz, Tina Guo, etc.  They're all using the Helix.

I have two.  I use the Helix Floor for ground based gigs (bus, truck, etc.)  I use the HX Stomp for fly dates.

European / Re: Irish Cello, contemporary style
« Last post by graeme on Feb 12, 2020, 09:27:57 AM »
Note Ilse's unusual double stopping technique (fourth finger??) in this fine piece of cello playing.


Great Celtic cello playing.
"Can you plug a piezo straight into it?"
You can, but it will degrade the sound. Only plug piezos into "acoustic" preamps or amps designed to amplify acoustic instruments
Manufacture, Repair and Setup / Re: Adjusting your own sound post
« Last post by shaunfiddler on Feb 11, 2020, 01:08:13 AM »
Wow, do people really shift their soundpost twice a year? I've never met a player who touches it after it's been set up, unless there is something obviously changed with the sound.

Mine seems to need adjustment with the seasons. Some times a little, some times a lot.
Manufacture, Repair and Setup / Re: New Five-string fiddle on the way
« Last post by Titch on Feb 09, 2020, 11:16:03 PM »
Manufacture, Repair and Setup / Re: New Five-string fiddle on the way
« Last post by Titch on Feb 09, 2020, 11:14:56 PM »
On a larger instrument, of course, I would face the opposite problem. Viola strings are easy to get, but where to find a long E string? :-) (Some makers use a banjo string, bouzouki string, or similar. I made a 5-string cello recently, and ended up using a guitar-string for the E.)

SuperSensitive make a Viola high E - I use them all the time on my 16" five string violas.

Simple  ;)

The actual problem is a decent tuning tailpiece, so I fit perfection pegs.
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